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Our program is 100% volunteer run, with the exception of our coaches who are paid. We need everyone to pitch in a helping hand so that our players can get the most out of their high school lacrosse experience!  Please sign up to volunteer when you register! If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].



We might be biased.....but, know that this is your chance to work with a great group of people(volunteers) to make your players experience the best that it can be! Let us know if you are interested in being a part of our Board! 

Looking forward to team bonding!  We are hoping to schedule some of these on the eve before a game!  This will be a group effort - just need homes to host in!

A great opportunity for the techie volunteer to help keep our website current!

Organizes gift basket of donations, filled with lovely things, to be sold at the auction!  This is one of the biggest fundraisers for our program.


We host an annual dinner that is sold at the WHS auction - another good, and needed, fundraiser for our club!


• Set up cones around the field (4 corners of field; sides of substitution area; both restraining lines on both sides of the field--10 cones total)
• HOME GAMES - Assist set up, with equipment volunteer, a table (across field from spectators), 2-4 chairs or a bench, and pop up tent at least 4 meters away from the field at the 50 yard line. 1-2 chairs are for your team. 1-2 chairs are for the other team. Under the tent, the home team has 1 timekeeper and 2 stat keepers. The away team can have 2 stat keepers under the tent or keep them from the stands (not sidelines).
• Make sure the lineup is listed in the stat book at least 10 minutes prior to game
• Share your roster with the opposing teams’ stat keepers
• Set out air horn (and test it), timers, stat book, pencils, ice, and first aid kit at the scorers table.
• If you have an announcer, make sure they have both teams’ rosters
• Check with the umpires about how long half time will be and their preferences about counting down/
calling out times
• Set 2 clean game balls at the table. Set 2 more directly behind each goal (base of field goal posts). • If your team uses a scoreboard run from a press box, make sure walkie-talkies are charged and
placed at both the table and the press box. These are REQUIRED for communication if official time is kept on the digital scoreboard and the controls are not at the field-side table.

The equipment manager for the Girls lacrosse team will coordinate with volunteers transportation of equipment, from storage, to and from the games.  The away games only require a tent and a rolling box with miscellaneous equipment in them.  The home games require an additional tent, table and two chairs.A volunteer, usually a JV parent, will transport and set up equipment 30 minutes prior to the start of the JV game.  A second volunteer, usually a Varsity parent, will break down and take home(or secure in storage area) the equipment at the end of the Varsity game.

Keep statistics: goals, assists, yellow/red cards, and goalie saves are required. Draw controls, SOG, ground balls, and caused turnovers are highly encouraged.

Assists Stats Keeper in observing, and confirming the following are recorded:  goals, assists, yellow/red cards, and goalie saves are required. Draw controls, SOG, ground balls, and caused turnovers are highly encouraged.


(Home Team @ Table or in direct communication with Table)

1)! Start clock on officialʼs whistle and/or arm signal 
a. On Draws
b. During restarts in last 2 minutes of each half 
c. On restarts after an officialʼs time out
2)! Stop clock on officialʼs whistle and/or arm signal
a. After goals – unless there is a 10 or more goal differential
b. During last 2 minutes of each half– unless there is a 10 or more goal differential
  c. On officialʼs signal for time out
3) Time player suspension period - Use time recorded in book--Begin time (19:52) End time (17:52)
4) Send player back to bench area after her 2 minute penalty is over
5) Notify official for request for timeout (during dead ball)!
a. Time team timeouts on stopwatch (officials may keep time on field) 
b. Blow horn at 1 minute 45 seconds into timeout and at 2 minutes
6) Sound horn
a. To indicate the end of 1st half and end of game
b. To indicate substitution after goals
c. To indicate a clock malfunction
d. To notify of illegal sub
e. To notify of 10 goal differential (during stoppage of play after goal)
7) Notify official of 2 minutes remaining and last 30 seconds of each half. Horn sounds on zero.
VARSITY:     25 minute halves. Stop clock after goals. Halftime is up to 10 minutes
JV:     25 minute halves. Running clock after goals. Half time is 5 minutes. No overtime.
BOTH:     Keep clock running when there is a 10 goal differential, even in the last 2 minutes. Still stops for timeouts and halftime.
OVERTIME:     5 minute rest and a coin toss (visiting captain calls) for choice of ends. Two 3-minute halves of stop-clock will be played. The clock is stopped after 3 minutes to change sides. Restart with a draw. If it is still tied, there will be a 3 minute rest, followed by “sudden victory.” Teams switch sides every 3 minutes if there is no score during “sudden victory.”

1) Record starting players in scorebook – 10 minutes prior to game start
2) Have roster with names and numbers for both teams prior to game start a) Make sure numbers correspond with players on field
3) Record who scored goal
4) Display visible score
5) Notify umpire of 10 goal differential
6) Record substitutions
a) Do not allow a player to enter the game who is not recorded in book or has an incorrect number listed
b) Tell an official immediately if there is an illegal substitution
7) Record Cards and time of each [player #; time received (19:52); time may return (17:52). !
sure to all of the card details on the OWLUA card forms (see last 2 pages of*Make handbook)
a) Players must sit out 2 minutes in front of the score table (kneeling or sitting)
i) No substitution for that player. Substitutions for other players are OK.
ii) Team plays short for 2 min per each carded player (man down on both D and A)
iii) Do not allow offending player to re-enter the game prior to end of 2 min. [Yellow card]
(a) Sub or offending player may enter after 2 minutes
(b) Tell official immediately (with a horn) if a player enters too soon
iv) Do not allow offending player to re-enter the game after a suspension [2 Yellow cards]
(a) Sub may enter after 2 minutes
(b) Tell official immediately (with a horn) if a player enters too soon
v) Do not allow offending player to re-enter the game after an ejection [Red Card]
(a) Sub may enter after 2 minutes
(b) Tell official immediately (with a horn) if a player enters too soon
8) Notify umpire of 2nd card on any player
9) Notify umpire when a team reaches their 4th card [excluding Green cards]
10) Record Team Time Outs (2 per team per game). If a game goes into OT, each team may have one TO. However, time outs left from regulation play do not carry over to OT play.

Home games only! - Communicates from field to booth.

Home games only! - Communicates from booth to field.

Home games only! - Announces players and game over stadium PA.

Home games only!

Home games only! - Crowd control for home games.

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